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State Unitary Enterprise "ALOQALOYIHA" is the design and survey enterprise. The basic direction of activity - manufacture of works on researches and designing of various objects of communication. The Tashkent branch of the State allied project institute (TB SAPI) the Ministries of Communications of the USSR was organized on July, 4th, 1958.

The organization of such design establishment it was dictated by rapid development of a communication facility in the former USSR. The institute was created, that is called, on an empty place, and, nevertheless, it; has quickly acquired shots, its number reached 1200 persons, was typed experience and authority. Was a leading research institute on designing of radio and radio engineering objects, and also large city automatic telephone exchanges. Workers of the Ministry of Communications of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic were the first workers of SAPI for the institute organization in combination.

In October, 1972 on the basis of the Design bureau institute "Uzgiprosvyaz" has been created. In December, 1991 the order of Ministry of Communications RU had been created Project institute of communication RU (Uz SАPI) on the basis of reorganized (merged) institutes "Uzgiprosvyaz" and SAPI-2.

The institute was engaged in designing and installation of radio in:

  • Collective farms and state farms,
  • inside zones communication lines,
  • Automatic telephone exchange in cities and districts of republic,
  • Buildings,
  • Low-power,
  • Living houses and technical buildings
  • Civil defense,
  • General schemes of development of communication of republic.

For years of the existence the institute has developed many the largest projects having the important economic value both for the former USSR and for independent Uzbekistan, these are such as: RRL (radio relay link) Tashkent-Andidjan, RRL Gazli-Cheljabinsk-Sverdlozsk (Bukhara-Urals Mountains), RRL Kustanak-Tselinograd, the Radio centre in Petropavlovsk, in Syktyvkar, in Ush, RRL -109, RRL 163, RRL -801, RRL Termez-state border, RRL Elista-Astrakhan, CM Building in hungry steppe, RRL Krasnoyarsk-Sajano-Shushenskaja of HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION, Object "Arrow" (Krasnodar territory), RRL Cherkessk-Dambaj, CLC "Mary-Kushka", ТАЕ FOC(fiber-optic circuit), FOC Bukhara-Nukus, RRL Karshi-termez-state border RU, FOC Angren-Fergana valley, FOC Tashkent-Angren, Reconstruction RRL Tashkent-Bukhara-Alat, "Reservation ТАЕ", "Modernization and expansion of a telecommunication network of of Tashkent", "the Organization of radio relay links on "ТSTC"(The telephone stations of Tashkent city), "Designing of general schemes of development of city and rural telephone systems RU" and etc.

The institute always was the quality assurance of projects on which and until now cable and radio relay highways, receptions and transmitting centers, radio studios on open spaces of the former Union and native Uzbekistan work.

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